MJ’s Greatest Secret

Always wanted to be a little more like Michael Jackson without the nose job?

You’re in luck – his famous moonwalk is a lot easier than you think. You’ve been doing it ALL WRONG and have sufficiently made yourself look like a fool . This post is the well-kept secret you’ve been waiting for on how to accomplish your next and most impressive party trick. Again, a how to moonwalk for dummies guide, right now, online, for FREE. Get on it.



Pic of the Day

Here is where I expose my incredibly nerdy side…

We all turn to StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter (the list is never-ending) every once in a while (read: daily) when we’re bored or trying to kill some time. I, too, am guilty of profound procrastination on many of these sites and more. So to add to your list of daily check-ins, here’s a website that I can’t get enough of

This website post astronomy pictures/videos everyday along with an explanation of the event.

That’s pretty much it and you probably don’t care whatsoever but for the off-chance you do, you’re welcome.

Driving on the moon… Woah.


Two very important pieces of nostalgia to share:

1) This stroke of genius from Internet Explorer tugging on my tamagotchi heart strings:

Lisa Frank, Lunchables and Light up shoes. Could anything be more perfect?

Aaaaaand, 2) If you didn’t already know, Warner Bro’s has done us all a favour and preserved this gem in it’s original 1996 format. Talk about throwback.


I Like _______.

Fill in the blank. Now think –  how can I use this person/place/thing to live generously?

‘I Like Adoption’ is a video that I recently came across about a family who have adopted nine children from around the world. It is part of a greater ‘I Like Giving’ campaign that encourages people to live a more generous life (see below for more details). The video is slightly lengthy but worth every second, so give it a view:

‘I Like Giving’ is a way to step back from our crazy individualized worlds and acknowledge the greater, overarching sense of humanity that should exist in our communities. This campaign believes that we can achieve this through a ‘pay it forward’ or ‘random acts of kindness’ mentality. Big or small, each and every change we make is a step in the right direction. Here is a small excerpt from the campaign website which gives some background as to how this came to be:

We live in a world where everything is about us. Devices memorize our personal preferences, websites tell our friends what we had for breakfast and billion dollar campaigns tell us how we can be happier. But we’re not. We still have the same struggles and desires, aches and pains, preferences and problems. And the more we focus on us, the more we focus on them.

I’m a big believer in the little things and this seems like the perfect way to give back and make someone’s day. Pay for a cup of coffee for the person behind you. Serve soup at a local soup kitchen. Give a generous tip! It’s easier than you think and who knows, maybe the person you do it for will do the same! Check out the website to learn about more ways you can give back!


RYC Brain Campaign

It’s -24 today and I’m not down for that. Not only does my body disagree entirely with frigid weather but I also am hatless, a.k.a. my ears are crying in the wind.

Naturally, I’m in the market for a cap and I think I’ve found the perfect one. A friend of mine who co-founded Rock Your Cause , a company selling awareness apparel to advocate for a variety causes relevant to Canadians, told me about their latest cause, the ‘Brain Campaign’. Here’s a little tidbit from their website that describes the campaign better than I ever could:

This years “cause on campus” is a game changer. The Brain Campaign is in support ofThree To Be, an organization that advocates and raises funds to support and advance the development of innovative research, education and therapies for children with neurological disorders.

We’re going “head first” into philanthropy (once again) with cool new toques and this time we’re introducing a rocking flat cap snapback into the mix. It’s all about keeping our noggins warm and in style while advocating and raising funds for the neurological disorder cause.

So that’s that. A sweet najavo inspired toque with proceeds going towards a good cause? I’m sold.

Check out their sweet designs below, and follow this link to their online shop to grab your own!

13812_10151191948896338_720157443_n 185628_10151191934031338_638627542_n

Is someone actually reading this?

I’d be surprised… but if you are reading this, hello & welcome to my blog! This is a New Year’s Resolution that I’m hoping won’t go completely down the drain within the next two weeks; for once in my life I’d like to actually follow through on one of these things. With that being said, my intention for this blog is to add my two cents on a variety of not yet disclosed subjects that with any luck will actually be interesting to read and write. So, wish me luck and hopefully you’ll stick around for more to come!