The Big Apple

So this post happens to be a month late, but I had a great time in NYC for the very short short time that I was there  and feel the need to document it via blog post/photo roll.

I can honestly say I’ve never walked so much in my life. 3 days and 7+ hours of walking took a toll on my feet, especially considering the fact that I was wearing flats and boots with no form of support whatsoever. I just could not bring myself to wear running shoes while strolling around the city in the beautiful spring weather. I already looked like a tourist pointing my camera at every sight to see and I could not bear the further embarrassment. I’m sorry but I am not that girl. Anyways, saw a lot, had a time, will definitely be going back soon because 3 days is not remotely enough to take in all of the city, but most of all it was nice little break and an excuse to get out of town and hang with the momma bear for a bit! Enjoy the pics!


30 Rockefeller with pretty pretty fleurs


Unlimited bags @ Bendels


Grand Central Market




My latest obsession – 100% frozen banana in soft-serve form + coconut & fruity toppings


Flat Iron District – way cool!


From the observatory for the Empire State Building – Hello Central Park in the distance!


Just reminds me of FRIENDS and stuff


NYC Parks are amaze, why can’t we have these too?


Impressionist exhibit @ the MET


Flying home @ night during the sunset :)