Five Things

My last week in Toronto was spent doing all my favourite things with all of my favorite people. Missing everyone already but it’s nice to finally be here, getting all settled in and enjoying some peace & quiet! More pictures and posts to come from sunny California! DSC_0001

{Mini Farewell Cupcakes}

DSC_0002{The Forbidden Pool}


{Fast & Furious 7 – Etobicoke Drift}


{Cheese Cellar}

IMG_2571{My Fave – Spinach & Gorgonzola}

Local Lovin’

As a lover of fresh and whole foods I try my best to incorporate as much local, organic and fair trade foods into my diet as possible. Many see this as too much of a challenge to partake in, but in reality its just as easy, if not easier than buying GMO from a grocery chain.

Still doubting the simplicity of it all? Desert Lake Gardens to the rescue. This is a lazy girl’s guide to getting all those fresh greens without burning a hole in your pocket, or even leaving the house for that matter. For a small price of $25, Desert Lake Gardens, who produces and supplies local and organic foods, will deliver a bundle of health right to your doorstep. Want to take it a step further? They also have a great local deli and dairy selection along with a variety of prepared foods including sauces, soups, frozen entrees and baked goods! It’s almost too good to be true.

So if I, a busy student on a budget, can figure out how to make it work, I’m sure you can too (…with a little help).

Note: Desert Lake Gardens serves the Kingston area, however there are many options available for the Toronto area as well! – just google it!